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          物理加速軟件NVIDIA PhysX 2.85 For Autodesk 2012-2013 X64
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          中文名稱:物理加速軟件NVIDIA PhysX

          外文名稱:NVIDIA PhysX 2.85 For Autodesk



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          最新更新:2012-09-08 20:58:00

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        1. 物理加速軟件NVIDIA PhysX 2.85 For Autodesk 2012-2013 X64
        2. 物理加速軟件NVIDIA PhysX 2.85 For Autodesk 2012-2013 X64
          The NVIDIA PhysX plug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Autodesk Softimage allow users of these DCC applications to easily create and manipulate physics simulations. The plug-ins support a wide range of features such as: Rigid bodies Constraint specification Cloth Fluids Soft bodies Force fields Exporting Numerous sample projects We encourage you to start by reading through the accompanying User Guides and trying out some of the sample projects. Support If you experience any problems or have suggestions for future improvements, please report them at our Developer Forums.

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