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          Roof Designer For 3Ds Max 2013 x32/x64|3DSMAX屋頂設計插件Roof Designer
          2013-01-05 19:58:32   由 modxz上傳    評論:0 點擊:

          中文名稱:3DSMAX屋頂設計插件Roof Designer

          外文名稱:Roof Designer For 3Ds Max 2013 x32/x64



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        1. Batzal_RoofDesigner_3DsMAX_2013
        2. Roof Designer For 3Ds Max 2013 x32/x64|3DSMAX屋頂設計插件Roof Designer
          Batzal Roof Designer是一個插件在3D Studio Max屋頂設計插件。
          無論你是創建一個快速渲染紋理屋頂或高品質的屋頂覆蓋網的瓷磚,Roof Designer插件,可以為您節省寶貴的時間。
          使用Roof Designer可以很容易地進行屋頂視圖草圖設計。
          Roof Designer也可用于從其他CAD軟件導入。
          Roof Designer會自動給模型賦予相應的材質。

          Roof Designer is a plug-in for 3D Studio Max for creating 3D roofs.
          Whether you are creating a fast rendering textured roof or a top quality roof covered with mesh tiles, The Roof Designer plug-in can save you precious time.
          Working with Roof Designer

          Roof Designer keeps your mesh faces flat while you manipulate their slopes.
          This way the roof can be easily modeled using the top view of your sketches.
          Roofs imported from other CAD software can also be used.
          Roof Designer automatically texture your roof and can also cover it with mesh tiles.

          Roof Designer安裝方法:
          Run the reg key.
          Replace the originals with the appropriate one in the crk dir.
          Go buy it.

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