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          外文名稱:The Cave



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          In this new course we’ll create a 3D environment simulating a rocky cave using just procedural features and iRay to render it.
          In The Cave course we’ll see how to model a rocky cave starting from a primitive and adding details using Graphite Modeling Tools to sculpt the shape and details. We’ll use some modifiers as the lattice and various levels of turbosmooth and edit poly to reach the right basic mesh. Then we’ll talk about using the displace modifier to give it the rock look and the map will be a series of nested procedural maps. Lighting will be simple and we’ll use a HDRI map for environmental lighting and a Daylight system to simulate the sun. Rock and water materials will be created using the Arch&Design shader compatible with iRay, all maps will be procedural and/or substances. We’ll see how to use nested mix maps to simulate the composite map, (not compatible with iRay). Final tweaks will be done using the micro triangle displacement in rendering using a new displace map done with noise and cellular. Rendering will be calculated with iRay and final look will be tweaked in Fusion.

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